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Perimeter Sensors

Magnetic contacts detect the opening of a door or window on the perimeter of a protected premises. There are different types of contacts relating to size, color and mounting specifications. However, they all share a basic technology of breaking or creating an electric circuit which sets off the alarm.

Protection from intrusion

Perimeter protection is the most important function of any security system. Sensors installed at every vulnerable door and window will immediately detect a break in. Opening a protected door or window activates the sensor, which causes the system to sound a loud and instantaneous alarm.

Alarm screens are also perimeter devices. When the window screen is removed or cut in order to gain entry, the change in that circuit sets off the alarm. Screens allow you to keep windows open while keeping the alarm system armed.

Space Detection

This family of devices use a wide variety of detection technology to detect an intruder within a defined space. Space detection may be used in conjunction with perimeter devices for a greater level of security.

Passive Infra Red, known as PIR, is the most popular device used for space protection. It works by sensing rapid changes in temperature in a defined area. For example, a human body at 98 degrees goes into a room that is 75 degrees, causing the PIR to register the difference in temperatures to set off an alarm.

Protection from within

In the highly unlikely event an intruder gets past the perimeter system, interior sensors will pick up his presence. These use passive infrared motion detection technology, which is difficult if not impossible to fool. Motion detectors are ideal for installation in hallways and other main access ways.

There are different PIR's to address the size and shape of the area covered. A PIR can be set up so as to avoid a given area within the space to be watched over. For example, a "pet alley" allows household pets to go into a room with a PIR without setting it off.

Motion Detectors sense movement in a defined environment using passive or active microwave energy. They measure the rate of movement to report an alarm.

Glass break detectors offer added protection.

Sound Discriminators "listen" for the sounds of breaking glass and other sounds associated with forced entry.

Dual Technology is the term designated for more than one space protection technology used in the same device. Dual technology is used to limit the potential for false triggering from an environmental source.

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